Industry experts, students and volunteers are invited to participate in Donate Desigh projects. Please contact us using our contact form or at

Please include the following:

Contact information (will not be distributed without your permission)

A brief description of your background and areas of expertise.

A brief description of the type of projects you would like to assist, the regions/cultures/countries that interest you, languages you speak/write/read, and whether or not you would like to travel and/or stay on site. Please note that travel may be at your own expense.

As projects are submitted, they will be presented to our contact list of experts and volunteers, and you may decide the project(s) you would like to assist. Donate Design will contact the project organizer with your information - contact, parameters of your assistance, etc. and if your expertise and donation fits the project, you will be connected to the organizers.

Donate Design wants to hear about your experiences! We would like to report updates on projects and feedback from our donors and project organizers, and will promote the projects and the work of our volunteers in our press and social media outreach.