Philadelphia Ethical Fashion

Refugee communities in inner city Philadelphia

Donate Design has identified communities in the inner city of Philadelphia with artisan and ethnic skills. Refugees from Burma, Indonesia, Africa and Nepal are organizing to offer weaving, knitting, crochet, beadwork and embroidery to the fashion industry.

Designers are already meeting with the communities to work with the artisans on projects for their collections. The program recently completed the design of a commercial handbag collection using the fabric handwoven by Burmese weavers.

This Donate Design program gives designers exposure to ethical communities in an accessible, urban setting, and enables US designers to have products ethically produced and made in the USA. For more information about being involved in this project and working with the artisans, contact Donate Design

Student Design for Change

Fair Trade Community Cooperatives

This is an ongoing project. Donate Design will connect fair trade community cooperatives with fashion designers interested in developing products for their collections. Communities interested in working with fashion designers to produce fashion items for international collections, and designers interested in building a relationship with international fashion designers may contact Donate Design.