Please submit projects to

Please include the following:

Project organization: profit/non-profit, names of principals and background of the organization and principals

If an established business is looking for assistance in expansion, please provide a background of the origin and current status and development of the business. (If this information is available on the organization website, the URL will suffice)

The expertise/assistance requested and whether the project requires a site visit, and/or extended stay on-site.

Projects may be submitted in video format with a brief written description, and may provide the best presentation of the project. Videos, photos and a brief description of the project will be listed on our Projects page.

Projects may include (but not limited to): market research, business plan development, feasibility studies, sourcing assistance, equipment recommendations, training, design critique, freelance design assistance. Please provide information about your request that is as detailed as possible to ensure that the proper expertise may be secured.

Internships may also be offered, both remote and on site. Donate Design will present internships to students and volunteers, however, it is the responsibility of the organization to interview and hire qualified interns, and the organizations assume all responsibility for the safety and care of the interns and volunteers while on site. Organizations are required to report any conditions that may impact on the safety and well-being of interns and volunteers with their project request, and guarantee that the internship operates within all applicable national, international and human rights laws.

Tell us your stories! Keep us updated about your projects so that we can include more information about your work with your project and include your stories in our press and social media outreach.