(Re)Creating a New Future of Fashion

Fashion (Re)Construction is a platform engaging fashion professionals in discussion and action to move the industry forward in new directions: social responsibility, economic opportunity and ethical principles.

Whether an established designer producing an ethical collection, a company supporting social, environmental and economic causes with profits of their business, or a designer with a vision, Fashion (Re)Construction invites your participation to continue the causes already embraced by fashion, and pursue further development of conscience in the industry and welcomes global brands, industry and media leaders to join the initiatives to support, promote and lead the future of fashion.

Fashion (Re)Construction was launched to bring together young companies, seasoned industry professionals and service providers, all with the vision of creating a better industry that upholds social, environmental and economic fairness. With the broad support of industry leaders, and the growing interest of emerging designers, Fashion (Re)Construction seeks to support the existing initiatives, and further develop a supply chain that meet the varied needs of the global fashion industry as well as ethical standards.

Fashion touches the lives of every inhabitant of this planet and has the economic power to impact the livelihoods of many. Working together, we can create an industry that will design more than the next style! Fashion (Re)Construction celebrates those who, through their businesses and personal and professional networks, are already effecting change in the world. We look forward to expanding the industry's understanding of ethical causes, and developing greater resources so companies will easily embrace ethical, social and environmental initiatives.