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Corozo Buttons date back to the late 1800's when corozo trade first became popular in Europe. The modern day company was established in 1982 in Manta, Ecuador. Corozo Buttons specializes in customized natural buttons made mainly of corozo; the seed of a species of palm tree and includes coconut buttons and combinations of corozo with several other natural materials. The line includes more than 1400 different styles of Corozo closures and accessories including, buckles, stoppers, zipper pulls

Customers range from small designers to large multi-national corporations located all around the globe. Corozo Buttons is an industry leader thorugh short turnaround times, consistent quality, tough quality control and great customer service. www.corozobuttons.com

Eurolaces is the source for 100% organic cotton lace and lace inserts for the apparel and lingerie market. The lace is made from 100% certified organic cotton yarn, and the production uses environmentally-friendly, non-toxic techniques. The company has over 40 years experience in manufacturing high-quality lace for the industry. www.eurolaces.com
Sturdy and stylish apparel hangers made from 100% recycled materials, and 100% recyclable, and the perfect advertising medium for fashion brands. www.normanhangers.com