(Re)Creating a New Future of Fashion

Fashion (Re)Construction is creating projects to develop chains of supply and production that embrace ethical principles and support economic development in disadvantaged regions around the world as well as social and evnironmental causes.

We invite you to join initiatives listed here!

  Donate Design's first project is to design jewelry using the indigenous fabric from the DR Congo. The cotton is a broadcloth weight and is very soft and supple. The prints vary in size. Bel Esprit is looking for designers interested in donating a design for a bracelet or necklace that can be made from this cotton fabric with only a sewing machine or hand sewing. Beads may be added to the design, as long as they are readily available - they will be shipped to HEAL Africa. If you are interested in donating a design, contact Bel Esprit at belesprit [at] ureach [dot] com.